Step Outside for a Change - Getting Active in the Redding Community

Posted by Sarah Bradshaw on 1/27/17 11:13 AM

Take risks, step outside your comfort zone, lend a helping hand, get involved in your community.

Typically in college, there are events and activities going on around campus. Clubs, food nights, games, concerts, competitions, sports games – the list goes on. While those activities can be a blast and help to get students plugged in to their school, it is a good idea to consider activities outside of the campus. Taking part in events and opportunities in the community can make the town or city you are now living in seem more like home. Simpson students are serving and engaging in the community all over Redding. Here are a few tidbits of what they are involved in:

Church Ministry.
There are a number of students involved in church ministry. The Redding area holds a wide variety of churches from many denominations. Students serve on worship teams, in children’s ministries, as prayer leaders, work at conferences, lead youth groups, and are on call to help out wherever needed. Ministry majors use the plethora of service opportunities to fulfill the requirement of completing an internship prior to graduation. Getting involved in church more than Sunday services help create deeper connections and build relationships with other church members.


Many students volunteer a lending hand at local places in the Redding community. Some help with the Good News Rescue Mission, feeding and offering shelter to the homeless in the city. Others work as free tutors for younger kids in their homes and at after school programs. Some students volunteer as story tellers/readers in hospitals, at the library, and in the shopping mall. I, along with other students, got the chance to work on a ranch that offers disabled children the chance to ride, groom, and take care of horses.

Working off Campus.
Most college campuses offer an array of campus jobs. These work well for students because they typically have flexible hours, are close to the dorms and classes, and often students get to work with friends. On the other hand, off campus jobs are a great way for students to interact with their community and step outside of the campus bubble. Students across Simpson have jobs in the Redding area. Some work in hospitals, at grocery stores, at banks, in construction, at climbing gyms, and all sorts of other jobs. College cities usually have job openings where managers understand student schedules and are willing to work around them.

Take risks and get involved in your new community. You could develop new relationships, get to know your city better, and experience a different side of life outside school. Why not give it a shot?

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