Thanksgiving Favorites as Told by the SU Community

Posted by Sarah Bradshaw on 11/17/16 3:15 PM

What are your favorite traditions and food choices at Thanksgiving time?

In exactly one week, it will be time for Americans far and wide to stuff their bellies with all sorts of scrumptious goodies like turkey, stuffing, cranberries, pies, gravy, sparkling cider, green bean casserole - and all other wonderful dishes that will have you switching into your "fat pants" and settling in on the couch for a much needed, midday nap.

Thanksgiving can be a time of great celebration and joy for many. We interviewed several students, staff, and faculty around campus to find out what aspects of November 24th they love the most. Here's what they said:

"The warmth of the holiday with your family all around" - Sheri, staff

"Spending time with family who are spread out all over the map" - Judy, staff

"Carne en su hugo. Lots of bacon, meat, beans, and deliciousness. Also, there's always a predictable fight in my family. It's entertaining" - Karen, student

"All of it! But mainly, candy yams with marshmallows" - Carlton, student/staff

"STUFFING" - Molly, staff

"I love that the next holiday is Christmas" - Erika, staff

"People are more thankful around this time of year. They seem to be more generous and relaxed, too. Life kind of slows down" - Katrina, student

"Turkey Lurkey. Basically it's a game where on Thanksgiving Eve, my family leaves tee shirts out by the fire place and in the morning we wake up and find them filled with all kinds of goodies." - Sarah, student (couldn't get more unique than that)

"Turkey, cranberries, stuffing, and everything else topped with gravy" - Spencer, staff

"I will be married and honeymooning in Hawaii eating a roasted boar with an apple in its mouth" - Glori, staff

"Watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade!" - Bri, staff

"Ooooohhh. Stuffing!" - Darleen, staff

"Spending the day outside playing turkey bowl with my family. We do it every year" - Tyler, student

"Getting to see my family, because we are not always together. I also love baking for the meal!" - Katie, student

"Family. Always family" - Ellen, student

"Mashed potatoes" - Lane, student

"STUFFING. Also, watching the Dallas Cowboys game every year" - Dustin, staff

"Cooking the turkey. I also have very find memories of going outside and throwing around a football with my late uncle. Those are my favorite memories" - Dr. Painter, faculty

"Family time. Oh! And pumpkin pie. Everyone brings their own pie and you sort of have this smorgasbord of unique pumpkin pies to choose from. Then, you get the leftovers the next day. Can't beat a leftover turkey sandwich!" Dr. Griffin, faculty

"I like Thanksgiving because it's in the fall, and in the fall you get to see colors transition. The sun seems more orange and the skies are a deep purple" - Zack, student

"Food!" - Hannah, student

"Psh. Definitely food. Always food" - Casey, staff


We hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving full of delicious food, quality family time, and solid napping :)

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