Trade a Few Words For FREE Money!

Posted by Sarah Bradshaw on 3/2/17 12:16 PM

Did you ever think that telling someone a little bit about yourself could knock down your tuition costs?


Schools all over the nation are currently accepting applications and working with students on getting all of their materials together for upcoming semesters. Students are getting excited about new beginnings in the big college world. When it comes to higher education, one thing is for certain: Financial Aid is very important. The FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) is something every family should utilize when sending a student off to school, as well as apply for outside scholarships. Outside scholarship rewards can range anywhere from a couple hundred dollars to several thousand dollars. Many of those scholarships simply require the student to fill out a form with their personal information, while others require an essay or proof of certain criteria like community service.

Last year, over $35 Billion was awarded in federal financial aid (FAFSA), nearly $11 Billion was given in institutional aid, and $5.5 Billion was awarded through community programs and employee benefit tuition assistance packages.*

Want to know something crazy? Almost 3 billion dollars in available scholarship awards went unused.


That’s a lot of money! A decent chunk of scholarship money goes unused for many reasons, but one is because students either do not want to, or are unsure of how to write scholarship essays. Are you in that boat? Fear not! We have compiled a few helpful tips to get you started on writing scholarship essays – thus helping you get more money for your education. There are many required topics that scholarship foundations ask you to write on, but some give you more options and freedom by simply wanting to know about you or learn about something you are interested in. Scroll down for tips!





We wish you the best of luck in your financial aid and scholarship writing endeavors!


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